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Using up 6 x 6 papers

Hello, Crafty Internet! Today, I want to share a little project that will help to use up those 6 x 6 sheets that we collect without trying. I have been a card maker for a while and I love nothing more than card kits that give you everything you need. Over time, those kits have helped me to collect a lot, and I do mean a lot, of patterned paper that I will probably never use on a card. This could be because I don’t like the pattern or colors. It could also be because I was moving on to another project and forgot I even had those papers. It happens. A side effect of paper crafting is paper hoarding. There is no known cure and I’m not looking for one.

As stated in previous posts, I am reorganizing my craft spot in the living room. (Yes, this is a never ending project until Son A moves out.) I came across a scrap box that has a lot of loose 6 x 6 sheets that have been collected from various kits. They also came from paper pads I’ve bought and used, but man, I did not realize just how much I have.

Here is just the small stack I pulled to use for today’s project:

It barely made a dent in the box. I don’t have a problem. I can quit anytime I want.

Naturally, I cannot throw this out. Paper crafters do not throw things out. We keep for a rainy day that may never come. We hoard these precious papers even if we’re not particularly fond of them. It’s what we do. It’s part of the code.

But I cannot keep adding to the pile. I have only so much space for these 6 x 6 sheets. So I decided to use them to make small art journals. I do art journalling a lot. It is a form of therapy for me and I really do enjoy it. These books will be small enough to make quick layouts or just practice techniques on.

I owe inspiration for this project to France Papillon.  I watch a lot of her videos and am a member of her Facebook group. She is a wonderful mixed media artist and I encourage anyone to check out her site and YouTube channel. You will not be disappointed.

In one of France’s videos she talked about how she liked not having a spine on her journal. It made it easy to always work on a flat surface because she could open to any page and arrange the book to suit her needs. I liked this idea and decided to use it when making these little journals. Thanks, France, for the inspiration!

I grabbed my washi tape, gel medium, and papers. I knew I would glue these together since I didn’t want to sew. Although sewing them would have given me more pages to work on, I decided it would be too time consuming. Not to mention that I wanted something that would go together quick and easy. Gluing the back page to the front of another page and wrapping the glued edge in washi seemed the best way to go.

I decided to keep these with just 6 papers each. It seemed to be small enough to work with and quicker to put together. It also meant that I could finish and store the little journals quicker. That was a plus for me. I do have some journals I’ve been working in for years. If you decide to do this, you can use whatever means you like best.

Here they are all glued together. I used my brayer to flatten everything out and remove excess glue. Because I glued them together, it didn’t matter if the 6 x 6 sheets were thin. The layers helped thicken up the pages for use with various mediums. Since I usually gesso everything first, pattern and color didn’t matter either. I could put these together in whatever way I wanted to.

After I had it together, I put washi tape along the spine and stuck it under a heavy book to dry flat.

This is the first finished little journal.

So at the end of this little journey, I had seventeen little journals to play in. These will be great for trying new techniques and messing around in general.

I’m sure I am not the first person to ever come up with this idea as a way to use up the 6 x 6 sheets. If you know of someone, please leave the link down in the comments. I would love to see how they did it.

Here is a quick page I created in one of the journals:

I used other scraps of paper to make this, along with some stenciling and stamping. It came together quickly and satisfied a need to create.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. How do you use up your stash when it grows too large?

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