Saturday Stuff

Saturday Stuff

First off, I’m not affiliated with Unity Stamp Co. I am a subscriber to their stamp of the week and I have yet to receive a stamp I don’t like. I signed up for the service on a Monday so I don’t receive my stamp until Friday and I get to be creative with it on Saturday. I had a few stamps I hadn’t had the chance to play with so I brought them out today. 

Here’s the thing about all of these cards…I messed them up…every one.

The tag: My white gel pen wasn’t working well, so I got my other white gel pen and it worked no better so I got what I got.

The bird card: I couldn’t seem to stop myself from using some Stickles on the little hearts and it didn’t work out so well but not bad enough to scrap the whole thing. I could have tried to scrape it off but history has proven that is NOT a good thing for me to try…Love the stamp set though. That little birdie is adorable.

The Isla Girl card: I messed up several places on this card but amazingly enough it worked out in the end. To begin, I tried stamping Isla across the bottom papers and her foot ended up a little wonky. Then, I had colored the green at the bottom of the dress and left the coat white because it looked adorable. Suddenly, I had this fantastic idea to color her little V neck part of her outfit green to match the skirt and that was when my hand and my brain stopped communicating and the end result was I had to color the coat to make it better…sort of. By the time I was ready to put the panel to the card base, communications had not resumed and it landed crooked so when I lifted it to straighten it, I crinkled the panel. The whole card was a mess but I kept it anyway.

It just goes to show that not every card turns out the way you picture it at the start and sometimes mistakes work out in the end.

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