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Hello, Crafty Internet! Today I am sharing with you a layout I did using bits and pieces of My Creative Scrapbook kits I have received. As you know, I am a member of the Limited Edition kit club. I’ve also made it no secret that I love these kits. Pam does a wonderful job putting these things together. If I had the ability, I would sign on for all four of the kits she offers.

Anyway, today I am sharing this:

This is a layout I did with an image I have of my grandmother. The project was still wet when I took the picture so the bits may look strange.

The paper came from 49 and Market. It came in a kit a while back. I don’t remember which one. When I started off, I had planned to keep it simple and easy. Sometimes I can overwhelm myself with the project I want to make. The image I have in my mind never matches the one I see take shape on the paper and that can sometimes make me more crazy than usual. That is how crafting can be sometimes, especially mixed media. You never know which way it is going to go.

I was concerned that the thing was a huge mess. As I looked it over, I realized it is a mess, but I like it. Sometimes you just have to let it be what it is. You can ruin a project by over-thinking it. If you stress out about it too much, the fun is gone. Crafting should always be fun, otherwise what’s the point?

I received the chipboard frame in a kit. For the frame around the picture, I used crackle paste and colored it with Dark Chocolate Truffle spray from Lindy’s.  The Starburst line gives everything a gorgeous shimmer. I just love it. I used some lace ribbon I had in my stash to go around the frame to give it more of an older feel. And also to try to tone down all the pink/purple that was on the page after I finished the background. I got a little crazy with the sprays.

The paper I used had this pretty design of flowers in a semi circle across the bottom. I loved the way it looked so I took bits and pieces of flowers, gems, micro beads and art stones to create something more dimensional. This took a while to do because flowers can be the devil. I could not get them to sit on the page like I wanted and micro beads were going all over the place. There must be a trick to applying these little beads, I just haven’t found it yet. I added the butterfly because I just thought it fit.

I wanted the focus to be on the picture so I left the area to the right empty. It looked odd at first because the natural place to put the title would be in that space. I found a little sentiment in my stash and set it among the flowers. My grandmother was lovely and the sentiment fit perfectly.

This project was definitely a labor of love. My grandmother passed on when I was 14 years old. While working on this project, I went back in my mind to the special moments I shared with her. That is one of the things I am really enjoying about scrapbooking. I get to remember things I almost forgot.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and thanks for stopping by!



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