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Mixed Media Canvas Panel

Hello, Crafty Internet! The project I have to share in today’s post is very similar to the ones I created here, here, and here. Instead of working on cardstock, this time I worked on a 5 x 5 canvas panel. I picked up a three pack from Hobby Lobby a while back and they got lost in my stash almost immediately. As stated in my previous posts, I am working on reorganizing my crafty space and I have discovered all kinds of things I lost and forgot about. These canvas panels were one of the items. I love little art canvases. You can make so many different projects with them. Also, having a smaller area to fill with whatever art you choose can make creating less stressful. Breaking the blank page can be the hardest part of any project. At least that is how it feels for me sometimes.

Okay, on with the thing.

I chose this Simon Says Stamp stamp set because I love this flower. It is so simple and so versatile. Also, easy to do paper piecing which makes me very happy. To the left there are some scrap pieces of paper that I cut up into smaller blocks to add to the background. I wanted to do a tile sort of thing, but not exactly a tile sort of thing. I know, it’s confusing. Welcome to my world. Anyway, the papers came from a 49 & Market paper pad. 49& market papers are lovely mostly because they are nice and thick cardstock that take different mediums beautifully.

Here is the panel after everything was glued down using matte medium. I used my Inktense watercolor pencils to outline the blocks and then smudged them out with my watercolor brush. I added some stamping and splashes to help bring the background together. The edges of the canvas I did with brown and black to give it a more finished feel. I started out trying to keep the blocks from layering on top of one another. That did not end up being the case and I knew I was going to have a difficult time trying to get a good image of my flower stamp.

I tried once to get a good impression using a block to stamp with. It was terrible…so terrible. I removed the stamp from the block and did it by hand and that was the end result. I was too worried about stamping off set and ruining the whole thing to keep trying so I used a Micron pen to fill in the rest. Also pictured are the pieces of the flower I painted using my Zig watercolor markers. This flower is very easy to fussy cut so I really only had to worry about the stems of the flower.

It worked out really well. It didn’t look nearly as rough as I first thought it would.Since everything on the background was watercolor and would react with any liquid I applied, I had to be very careful gluing down the flowers. I did smudge a bit on the top flower but I was able to fix it where it wouldn’t be that noticeable. The smaller flower on the left I had to completely remake because I had black on my finger and smudged it up to the point it could not be saved. Luckily, I had stamped the flower two more times so it didn’t take long to do.

Remember kids, wash your hands regularly when doing mixed media. Well, you should always wash your hands regularly, but pay special attention when doing the art stuff. Black can ruin everything.

The quote I chose came from a Tim Holtz stamp set. Using my tea stained copy paper, I tried to make the quote look like it had been written on a piece of old parchment paper. I rolled the top and bottom because I wanted it to look like an old scroll. It didn’t work out exactly as I had hoped it would but it is close enough.

The panel felt nekkid without something else for texture so I broke out my jar of art stones and sprinkled some on the bottom. I don’t know if I like it. I’m still thinking about it.

Here is the finished panel. I added some Nuvo drops to the flowers and really like the effect. I should not have added the drops to the quote piece. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. I waited until too late to remove the drops and now they are there forever. I adhered the quote down with foam tape to give it a little more dimension. To help finish off the edges a bit more, I added some scribble ribbons doodling with a Micron pen.

It does still feel a little bit unfinished to me but I don’t know what I could add to it to make it look any better. At this point, I worry that I will make a complete muck of it if I keep fussing with it. This panel only took about an hour, maybe less, to create which is another reason why I like working on small canvases. You can have a gorgeous and complete art piece in no time.

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