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Mission Inspiration

Good evening!

When God said “Let there be a Sarah W.” He forgot to also say, give her the ability to draw perfect flowers. Or maybe He thought I would need this struggle in my life to make me a better person or something. So far, all I have done is grumble ugly words and make badly lopsided daisies and something that might look like a rose if you had never seen a rose before in your life.

Luckily, God also said “Let there be stamping and paper crafting” and lo, my creative expression was saved.

I have discovered another amazing Facebook group hosted by the wonderfully talented Mike Deakin called Mission Inspiration. Each month, Mike posts inspiration for an art journal using different techniques, colors, and direction. I have only been a member of this group for a couple of days and I am already hooked. I do believe I am becoming a Facebook Group Groupie and I’m okay with it.

The current mission for the group is for April, but I have decided to start with January 2017 and play catch up. There is also 2016 to catch up with, but for now, I’m staying in the current year. Don’t worry though, I will get to the others as time permits. 

Here is the mission:

Here is my interpretation of the mission:

I am working in a new journal by Dyan Reaveley. You can find it hereIt is a lovely flip top journal and I wonder why I ever used anything else. Those gorgeous flowers were created by a Penny Black stamp and hand painted by yours truly with a tiny brush while holding my breath to keep from making a mess of them. The sentiment came from Tim Holtz’s new quote chips. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love it! My better half can draw & I can’t do anything! My card sketches are blubs & shape… & scribbles but I’m just thankful he gave me the chance to create something. -Jen, Team Member!

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