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Halloween Configurations Book – Part III

Hello, Internet!

I am back with Part III of the Halloween Configurations Book. (To see the other posts regarding this project click here & here.) This part is filling in the box and I have to say working with a theme makes the process so much easier. Working with a Halloween theme makes it even easier since there is a set color scheme and items are very easy to come by.

So here’s where we begin:

I fiddled around with the layout before snapping a picture of the final arrangement. I ended up changing it just a little bit but nothing major.

I used the Happy Haunting paper pack by The Paper Studio I picked up from Hobby Lobby to line the boxes.

After lining the boxes with paper, I finished them off with some washi tape and matte medium I had in my stash.This helped to bring the boxes together. Also, I put a dollop of hot glue on the back of each box when I reassembled the book.

Here is the whole thing finished. This went together very quickly, unlike the Vignette boxes I did a while back.

Close ups:

I consider this box to be unfinished. I could not find anything in my stash that worked with this eye and so I left it as it is. I will update this post if anything jumps out at me to add. The box works fine as it is, but with the other boxes full, it feels out of place a little. At least it does to me.

I had so much fun making this book. I plan to wrap it all in bubble wrap before storing it with other Halloween decorations to make sure it doesn’t get crushed.

To see how I make the cover, click here.

To see how I made the inside cover, click here.

Happy crafting!


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1 thought on “Halloween Configurations Book – Part III

  1. Sarah, I love the “eye” it gives it an extra creep factor, like you are being watched while looking at the other boxes. I don’t think it needs anything else.

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