About Me

Hi, I’m Sarah!

When my oldest son moved back home after college, I had to find a new home for all of the crafting goodies I had crammed in his room while he was gone. He came home in June, I started clearing out in March.

Yeah, I know.

Anyway, once he was back in the nest, I needed to find a permanent spot to craft in. Crafting is life, yo, so this was important. Sadly, I do not live in a house with lots of extra space to spare. This is what happens when you buy your home because it is “cute & cozy”- you run out of space. I managed to carve out a spot in our living room. The front door is blocked, but we never used it anyway, and our windows are low enough to the ground for emergency evac without the risk of broken bones. Its not my first choice, but for now it works:

I know this is a terrible picture.

Yes, that is a fold up T.V. tray for extra space.

No, it is never folded up.

I actually have 2 I use.

Card making is my first love, but I do like to dabble in mixed media from time to time. For years I have been playing along with different crafty challenges from various blogs/websites but never putting myself actually in the challenge. So in the spirit of trying new things, here I am, putting myself out there in blog form for the internet to see my crafty creations.

I have a full time job as a Purchasing Agent that helps fund my crafty side so right now I only post twice a week. Please check back often or subscribe to my newsletter to see what I’ve been up to.