About Me

Hi, I’m Sarah!

When my oldest son moved back home after college, I had to find a new home for all of the crafting goodies I had crammed in his room while he was gone. He came home in June, I started clearing out in March.

Yeah, I know.

Anyway, once he was back in the nest, I needed to find a permanent spot to craft in. Crafting is life, yo, so this was important. Sadly, I do not live in a house with lots of extra space to spare. This is what happens when you buy your home because it is “cute & cozy”- you run out of space when you develop a hobby that takes over your life. I managed to carve out a spot in our living room. Its not my first choice, but for now it works:

I know this is a terrible picture.

Yes, that is a fold up T.V. tray for extra space.

No, it is never folded up.

I actually have 2 I use.

I have been a paper crafter since 2011. While visiting members of my husband’s family in Louisiana, his aunt showed me her craft room and supplies and I was forever hooked to paper crafting. Card making is my first love, but I do like to dabble in mixed media from time to time and lately I have been trying out scrapbooking. I am not a professional card maker by any means and my style is mostly clean and simple. I like to participate in challenges and just play with paper.

I live in Kentucky with The Hubs, our two sons, and a crazy German Shepard named Leo.